Sunday, September 30, 2012

Astrium wins commercial SATCOM contract with EDA, ESCPC

French satellite communications company Astrium Services will be providing commercial satellite communications capacity to the five members of the European Defense Agency (EDA.) The European Satellite Communications Procurement Cell (ESCPC) of the EDA will be managing the innovative SATCOM contract with Astrium.

Astrium pioneered the provision of military SATCOM services to governments and defense ministries alike. It was the first European company to provide commercial satellite communications to the EDA through the ESCPC-managed scheme.

Astrium Services offers commercial satellite communications services in the C-band, Ku-band, and Ka-band. By providing the EDA with reliable and secure access to these bands, Astrium will be able to cater to the needs of the European militaries. It will also be able to provide value-added services such as leasing SATCOM terminals.

The ESCPC will coordinate its member nations when they pool their needs, purchase services, and trade satellite communications capacity. Its current members are France, Italy, Poland, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

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